Crown Prep

Crown Prep

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Crown Prep is a gentle cream that can soften skin as it heals. It can be used day or night to soothe the flakes and scales patches associated with cradle cap. Crown Prep can help your heir's skin achieve a radiant, smooth texture worthy of a crown.


SIZE: 8 oz

HOW TO USE: After gently scrubbing your baby's head with shampoo, rinse, and be sure to dry the skin completely. Apply Crown Prep to your baby's head, evenly covering the scalp and hairline. Finish with a gentle massage of the Heir Body Butter on the rest of baby for an overall deep moisturizing of your heirs skin from head to toe. For external use only.


INGREDIENTS: All Organic: Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, Marshmallow root, Arrowroot, and Vitamin E