Our Story

Family interlocking hands


Our family’s relationship with natural body butters dates back to 2014. When a family member got pregnant, we became aware of how many lotions marketed to pregnant women had ingredients we couldn’t even pronounce. All the products claimed to be “natural”, but as we did our own research, we came to realize there was nothing natural about them. Many of them started with a primary ingredient of water and were stabilized and scented with a variety of chemicals. Our family already cared about what we put INTO our bodies, and the more we investigated what we were regularly putting ONTO our bodies, the more concerned we became. We noticed there was a lack of TRULY natural skin care. That’s when Royal Butters was born. 

It became our passion to create a product that was not only made with ingredients derived from the earth, but that also could deliver noticeable results. We discovered a perfect balance of natural butters and oils that has healed our friends and family members of various skin ailments, including psoriasis, cracked skin, eczema, stretch marks, extremely dry feet, and countless others.  Several children (and no stretch marks) later, we decided it was time to bottle it up and share these products with the world.

We look forward to you joining our Royal family.

We are a family of people who care –
we care about what goes on our bodies,
we care about the environment,
and we care about healing and moisturizing with truly natural skin care.


Feel like Royalty, with Royal Butters.